Around the World

As a character from "road stories", the Nicaraguan carry in his/her blood the temptation to "seek fortune." We have been named "the Chinese of Central America", "The Jews of the Isthmus".  Pablo Antonio Cuadra, The Nicaraguan.

I began to travel overseas when I was 14 years old. In the years since, I have lived and worked in 5 continents.

Traveling is good because it gives you the confidence to deal with a range of situations no matter where you are. You get to come across different cultures which allow you to develop you
r own life experience. It gives you an inside look into how other cultures operate in differentiation from your own.


I have benefited from seeing the world and all the broad knowledge it has gave me. I have been fascinated by everything I saw in the countries I have visited.  I have been able to enjoy a vast array or working experiences overseas in all manner of different jobs under a wide variety of circumstances.