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Oscar Baltodano was born in 1962 in Diriamba, Nicaragua, and he grew up harvesting coffee in the warm Central American sun. His grand grandfather Enrique Baltodano was one of the pioneers who established coffee production operations in the southern highlands of Nicaragua in the 19th century.  

In 1978, Oscar went to the United States to finish his high school education.  In 1981 he moved to Costa Rica and studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Central America where, he lectured from 1985 to 1988.  In 1987 he migrated to Canada to work  for Fujikama in Toronto, Ontario.   In 1992 he joined the British American Tobacco Group where he worked for 14 years in different senior manager positions in North America, South America,  Europe and Asia.  He is currently the Managing Director of BALTOSA, a coffee company  in Nicaragua. 

Oscar has done post-graduate studies at
Harvard Business School, Stanford University and INCAE.   During his career Oscar has directed day-to-day operations, developed training programs, increased productivity and reduced costs. His experience also includes designing and improving manufacturing methods, implementing SCM and ERP systems, and reorganizing factories in conjunction with end markets. 

Oscar enjoys a hands-on approach to his role and spend most of his time travelling. Since 1992, he has been visiting companies in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America advising them on Supply Chain, B2B, MRPII, and the implementation of ERP systems.  "For me, meeting so many people is great fun.  One of the good things about globalization is to see all the different cultures around the world working together.  It's people who really make companies work," he comments.

Away from the office, Oscar pursues an active  interest in football.  "I enjoyed the good match between Korea and Italy during the 2002 World Cup," says Oscar, who also enjoys promoting tourism in Nicaragua.  He also likes reading books about philosophy and world cultures.

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If you would like to contact Oscar send E-mail to oscar@baltodano.com
or write to:

Oscar Baltodano
Contiguo Casa de Cultura,

Diriamba, Nicaragua


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Oscar Baltodano

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